Firefly III Personal Finance Manager on FreeNAS (FreeBSD jail)

This guide details the steps needed to install Firefly-iii (a popular open-source and self-hosted personal finance manager) in a FreeNAS jail (FreeBSD). As a bonus it also details how to extend the base install with the CSV importer tool which allows you to import CSV based data which you exported from your bank account.

The exact versions used for this guide are:

  • FreeNAS-11.3-U5
  • Firefly-iii v5.4.6
  • Firefly CSV importer v2.2.3

Setting up the LEMP stack

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Prediction equals intelligence

To end this series of blog posts, I’m going to talk about artificial intelligence and the need for engineers to broaden their knowledge on subjects outside their specific field of study.

The following TED Talk by Jeff Hawkins¬†tells us exactly why we’ll never develop good artificial intelligence, if we’re to lazy to look at the underlying brain science.

Why A.I. needs brain science

Up until now, a lot of the current research effort has been focused on reproducing human … Read on...


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