Secure your brain: fNIRS cause for privacy concerns?

camera privacy

New technologies seem to be increasingly aimed at everyday life. Nowadays, no one seems to think twice when posting every detail of their private life on Facebook or Twitter. Brain imaging techniques, like fNIRS, take it a step further. Combine this with an increasing aggregation of our information in the cloud, and a new privacy concern is born.

Hidden terrorism, you’re brain might be the target

The American security agency NSA recently became famous for all the wrong reasons. Read on...

Non-invasive brain imaging in a new light, introducing fNIRS

brain imaging fNIRS

brain imaging fNIRSBrain imaging has come a long way since its earliest techniques. Already in 1918 a technique called ventriculography was invented. This technique consisted of injecting filtered air into the ventricles, the hollow cavities inside the brain, and included a high risk for the patient. Seeing that it did provide a lot of useful surgical information, new techniques were started to be developed.

Non-invasive brain imaging

After a few decades of invasive techniques,¬†computed tomography (CT) came around the bend. This … Read on...


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